I was born in Toronto, but moved to the westcoast to be closer to the ocean and the cedars and am living and working in Victoria, BC. I love to paint, to make things, to create beauty. The westcoast and the earth constantly draw me in, and I struggle to find ways to explore and interpret the essense of that experience. I am aiming for feeling rather than replication. I am also interested in the interior journey, and ways to express this meandering.

In the last few years I have been painting on wood cradle boards. The advantage of this is that they don't have to be framed. They can be hung as is. Although much of my work is in acrylics, I also do encaustic painting (painting with wax).

I hope you enjoy my work.


Honours Graduate, Ontario College of Art

Courses through: The Toronto School of Art, The Haliburton School of Fine Art, The Loyalist College Summer Arts Program, Metchosin International Summer School for the Arts, The Vancouver Island School of the Arts.

Workshops with: Leila Lew Irving, Toronto; Bill Porteous, Victoria; Jeanne Krabbendam, Vancouver; Leslie Clarke, Nanaimo.

Group Exhibitions

Studio 30, Victoria exhibits 2008, 2009
New Horizons Senior's Centre, Victoria, 2007, 2008


Member of the Canadian Federation of Artists
Studio 30

Spiritual Guidance or Organization Development visit www.lindamulhall.com